Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fun, Erotic Haiku

Here's a sampling of the work we put together for an event back in December - the unveiling, as it were, of the phenomenon that is Molly St Michael. There'll be more. Oh yes. There. Will. Be. More.
Erotic haiku
More than verb, adjective, noun
It takes stamina

This is my first time
Forgive me if I giggle
I'm nervous, you see

Dressing for the kill
Cinching the uniform tight
Look at my cleavage

Was your dad a thief?
What I’m really saying is,
Let me get you drunk

Let's go to my place
Let me underwhelm you there
Let me let you down

Turned on by his snark
His self-effacing wit
She gives him a go

Serious tweaking
Don’t you love double meanings?
Mark up my pages

Eating her cupcake
Licking up all the frosting
Biting the sweet bottom

I love it when you
Put your naked head into
My heaving bosom

Take out the camera
Get ready for your close-up
I’ll push your button

I begin to squirm
As I lie in wait for you
Pleasure runs through me

Baby, I feel wet
Please open my umbrella
It’s raining down here

Fuck me, ravage me,
Spank my naughty derriere
But do not enter.

You begged, you pleaded
So I gave in and let you.
A smart decision

[[Our poetic couplet is enjoying the evening, but sometimes, reinforcements are necessary.]]

Quit flailing away
Open up my bag of tricks
And choose your weapon

Flogs & clamps & whips
What will feel best on my skin?
Really, it’s your hand

[[And how about a little role play?]]

Push me, push me down
Take me under wooden desk
Let me earn my pay

[[And now, we rejoin our protagonists as they approach their literary denoument]]

Over or under
This is not The Price is Right
Quick, let’s do this thing

Oh my God, oh no
The grinch stole my orgasm
Oh wait, there it is. . .

Was it good for you?
That was a fine conclusion
You free for New Year's?

Thank you very much – here’s one final haiku:

Season's Greetings; Good
Tidings to all and to all
A happy ending :)

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